AmsterJAM 2014 was:

Super high on spirit in combination with awesome conditions.

I want to start by thanking all 2014 amsterJAMmers! You rocked!!!

Temperatures were moderate so the Dutch beachbums didn’t go out and leaving all of the hardpack for us to JAM on.

During the Saturday morning players meeting it was unanimously decided to not go for the random co-op’s division and only do Pairs division; One round on Saturday and the finals on Sunday leaving plenty of time to JAM. And Jamming we did. All day the beach was filled with several jamming groups:P

There were 22 people competing and a handful of jammers joined jams but not the tournament.

Many many many extra thanks go to Tom Leitner for his help all weekend long, being the headjudge and initiating a simple and ideal format for judging AmsterJAM (Each team that didn’t play in a round gave a number between one and ten for all three categories)

End results:

1. Fabio Nizzo / Tom Leitner (Italy / US)
2. Fabio Sanna / Jan Soerensen (Italy / Denmark)
3. Woo Wunder / Phil Kruger (Germany)
4. Merhdad Hosseinian / Philipp Lenarz (Germany)
5. Greg Lo-a-Sjoe / Harry Skomroch (Holland / Germany)
6. Pepyn Tavernier / Steffen Verstichel (Belgium)
7. Peter van Gool / Johanna Wurfschon (Holland / Germany)
8. Marco Fera / Dario Marioni (Italy)
9. Urs Hardegger / Iwan De Moor (Switzerland / Holland)
10. Fabian Dinklage / Mattia Lambertini   (Germany / Italy)
11. Eleonora Imazio / Lorenzo Modarelli (Italy)


Looking back with a lot of satisfaction and gratefulness!


AmsterJAM 2014

June 21 & 22, 2014 @ Zandvoort beach, the Netherlands
Location: The hardpack in front of bar number fourteen, called 'Bruxelles aan zee'.
(Straight ahead from trainstation)

Wanna Jam? Improve on skills? Compete for ranking points? Or,... simply be amazed?
The 2014 AmsterJAM has everything in it!

While the world of the masses seems to be spinning around a ball these days,
the Jamily  knows that the ball is actually dreaming off being a frisbee.

Pairs on random beach beats. Please inform us about your team or if you need a partner using the registration form.
We'll vote on having a hats co-op round (or not) during the players meeting on Saturday.
Zandvoort beach in front of bar number fourteen, called 'Bruxelles aan zee' (straight ahead from trainstation)
PRE AmsterJAM schedule:
Thursday and Friday we'll meet and Jam on museumplein from 15:00 hrs
AmsterJAM Schedule:
Saturday 12:00 players meeting Saturday 13:00 - 15:00 hats co-op or (or JAM, JAM & JAM)
Sunday 11:00 players meeting
Sunday 12:00 - 13:00 Pairs semi's poule A
Sunday 13:30 - 14:30 Poule B
Sunday 15:00 - 16:30 Pairs finals
Judging system:
All competitors will have to be judging in the rounds they are not competing so...
Please take some time to read the information on the new  judging system that is available on the FPA website.

In case of stormy weather we can be found at the indoor backup, Korver sportshal on sunday (ONLY!)

Korver sporthal: Duijntjesveldweg 1, Zandvoort (Bus 81. Stop: Thomsonstraat)


If you like what we are doing, please support AmsterJAM by making a donation.

Competitors info:

Make sure to fill in the REGISTRATION FORM before wednesday june 18 please!

The 2014 AmsterJAM:

Lot's of JAM time
Hardpack will be wide and sweet to jammer's feet
One way or the other: Windconditions will be Heinous
Competitioners' skills level: Humblingly Awesome

The AmsterJAM 2014 is expected to be visited by jammers from many nationalities including many European top ranked players, the New York ALL STAR freestylers and YOU!?!


Where can you stay?
You will have to book your own hotel or studio. I recommend staying in a studio (house).
Make sure to BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for Zandvoort is a very popular holiday village!
You could search a hotel or studio/B&B here
/ here  

Looking forward to 'Z'ing YOU!

With 'Z's,
AmsterJAM Iwan (TD)

Visitors info:

Freestyle frisbee is a dynamic sport appealing to both young-and-old.
During AmsterJAM you will see skills that are the result of multiple years, often decades, intense training.

If you are not so skilled yet? You are even more encouraged to join or come and see AmsterJAM.

One can do more with a frisbee than most of us can imagine!

Come and see us manipulate the frisbee if you don't believe me.

For now you could check out the AmsterJAM archive at the top of this page for more pics and movies.

And/or check out AmsterJAM @ or

AmsterJAM Freestylers supporting local newschannel At5