AmsterJAM 2011: What a BLAST it was!!! (a recap of some things;)


  • Rob Fried: what a great weekend, hard to believe I was only there for 48 hrs, seemed like a whole week!
  • Sascha Scherzinger: nice pics Bill! happy having shared a great time with you guys!!
  • Magnus Petersen: Best weekend ever! So nice to jam with you all:)
  • Tom Leitner: Amsterjam 8 (edit: actually 2011 was AmsterJAM nr 9, Iwan) was one of the best ever!   Iwan is best JC you could ask for!...The jams were happening in front of pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, in the streets, in the squares and then of course on the beach in Zandvoort - for hours, and hours and hours....with perfect wind - especially Sunday and super low tide...
  • John Titcomb: Iwan, thank you! so much for the JC role and the great write-up. Wish I'd been there, but then again who doeZn't!
  • Iwan de Moor: I want to thank everybody who joined AmsterJAM 2011 for an absolutely wonderfull time. As the organizer i always find it hard to predict what an event is going to be like. But once again,... like i said so many times before: "each year AmsterJAM seems to get better!" Looking back, i can only wish, hope and pray that we can maintain this year's level of vibes, skills and weather conditions during future AmsterJAMs.


About the AmsterJAM 2011

My legs are still hurting and my head is spinning.
A'JAM 2011 was as close as we could possibly get to freestyle heaven.
Extremely high skills level, jams that lasted all day long, amazing weather and everybody being so Sweeeeet!

The pre-JAMs mainly took place on JAMsquare (Beursplein). But spontanious short jams (including freestyle climbing acts from the Norwegians) happened everywhere. In alleyways, bars, restaurants, red light district etc. etc.
Friday evening some of the jammers moved to their house/hotel in Zandvoort and others stayed in Amsterdam. Bill, Susan and Heather went to Zandvoort. Greg, Lusti and me meeting up with new arrivalls: Sascha, Tim and Tom. The 'homestayers' spent some hours tasting liquers and beers in local Liquer brewery (founded in and looking like it still was 1679). And,... not just Tom Leitner arrived, but also two mystery guests: Norwegians Cedrick and Magnus were spotted (because they were;) jamming on Damsquare. By the time we went for a (way past;) midnight jam at Jamsquare (aka Dam), we had consumed so many drinks that i couldn't even walk straight anymore. Let alone jam.

AmsterJAM 2011, saturday august 20, day 1
Started with high winds. Nobody minded. It was consistent, the sun was shining and there was lots of hardpack islands to be 'conquered'.
As soon as bags were dropped, jams started that lasted all day. Winds got calmer and by the end of the day there was hardly any wind at all. Many camera's must have shot great footage of shredding Jammers. Actually: Tom acted as the AmsterJAM photographer taking many (if not all) of us apart for a photoshoot, resulting in Very Spectacular Shots. For example: on one photo, it was as if Magnus was jumping higher than a building, making his "Guru-Catch"
To clearify the awesome conditions: Lusti proudly explained that he pulled of a double spinning gitispull to a tripple spin something (> i don't remember) to a double spinning Gitis Catch. Lusti has amazed me all through the week and i surely hope we'll Jam again soon!

Dinner was in the same Greek restaurant where we ate one time during Worlds 2007. Yorgos (the restaurant owner) still remembered us and made an effort of making us feeling at home and feeding us well.

AmsterJAM 2011, sunday august 21, day 2
Weather forecast had predicted some rain at the end of the day, but luckely we never saw any of it:)) In fact: (if possible) conditions were even better than they were on saturday. The wind was low and it was good that the sun was not out all day on sunday for on saturday it had burned into some jammers' skins already.

Tom got his chance to finish his photoshoot and the continous JAM made AmsterJAM 2011 finish before we even realized that it was that late already. After shredding all day, Sascha and Tim left first in order to catch their train back to Köln. The rest of us went to join Bill, Sue and Heather sharing beers in their appartment. Later that night we had dinner on the beach. Soon after, all jammers started spreading over the world again.  

I want to thank everybody who joined AmsterJAM 2011 for an absolutely wonderfull time. As the organizer i always find it hard to predict what an event is going to be like. But once again,... like i said so many times before: "each year AmsterJAM seems to get better!" Looking back, i can only whish, hope and pray that we can maintain this year's level of vibes, skills and weather conditions during future AmsterJAMs.

- AmsterJAM 2011 Jammers: James Wiseman, Jonathan Willet, Heather Gray, Bill Wright, Susan Strait, Rob Fried, Tom Leitner, Peter van Gool, Bart Lodewijk, Dan Lustiger, Sascha Scherzinger, Tim Pattberg, Cedrick Stevens, Magnus Petersen, Gregory Lo-a-Sjoe
- Supported by: Rose, Michel, Silvana, Holly, Mila, Christa, AmsterMOM, Karin, Pepijn, Nico Dijkshoorn. Some people showed up after reading/hearing announcements and others were planning to pass by, but couldn't believe their eyes and stayed around to be amazed.


Your organizer and JC (JAM coördinator)

AmsterJAM 2011


Mastershots taken by Tom Leitner can be found at

and Bill Wright's great shots at

some AmsterMOM pics below

Haarlem's dagblad wrote:

Internationale top freestyle frisbee toont kunsten in Zandvoort

Gepubliceerd op 18 augustus 2011


ZANDVOORT -  Het lijkt een weekeinde met mooi strandweer te worden. Eén tip voor badgasten: blijf op uw handdoek of in uw kuil liggen, want het luchtruim boven het strand is zaterdag en zondag gereserveerd. De internationale toppers van het freestyle frisbeeën komen naar Zandvoort om bij te kletsen en hun kunsten aan het publiek te tonen.

Wie de freestylers aan het werk ziet - en YouTube heeft voorbeelden genoeg - zal meteen opmerken dat deze vorm van frisbeeën meer op jongleren lijkt dan op overgooien. De Moor: ,,Voor een freestyler begint het werk op het moment dat een ander de frisbee gewoon vangt. Je laat de frisbee zo lang mogelijk doortollen op je vingernagels en doet er dan allerlei trucjes mee: onder je benen door, achter je hoofd langs. En als je voelt dat de schijf stopt met draaien, dan vang je hem uiteindelijk op een sierlijke manier.’’ Dat is dus freestyle frisbee: de kunst van het niet-vangen.

Zaterdag 20 en zondag 21 augustus zijn de frisbeeërs aan het werk te zien vanaf 13.00 uur bij strandtent Mango's Beach Bar in Zandvoort.

AmsterJam_Sarah_BergmanAmsterJAM SUPERJAM 2011


  • Saturday august 20 and Sunday august 21


  • Zandvoort Beach

  •  There will be a festival on the beach to celebrate 10 years of Mango's beachbar (number 15)
    AmsterJAM 2011 will be as close to Mango's (nr 15) as possible, but.... if the beach gets too crowded we will move up north (towards the beachbars with higher numbers).


  • We'll Jam from 13:00 hrs till dinnertime (and/or till much later at night;) >>> low tide is in the afternoon and the sun sets at around 21:00 hrs

* Friday evening we'll most likely be bar cruising in the center of Amsterdam / near Central station.

* Saturday evening Party: Mango's at the beach (number 15). >>> Very nice line up:P

Public transport:
** Train Amsterdam - Zandvoort is leaving from Central Station & Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station. For times check:
** Bus 80 that is leaving from Marnixstraat (near Leidseplein!!). Leaving twice an hour at minutes 27 and 57 / last bus leaving Marnixstraat at 00.27

The 'Regular' AmsterJAMs

Please contact us if you're in the neighbourhood and feel like jamming.

AmsterJAM 2011


In 2003 the first Amsterjam was held at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. This marked the beginning of the AmsterJam succes story, resulting in hosting both the F.P.A. European Freestyle Frisbee Championships in 2005 and the F.P.A. Freestyle Frisbee World Championships in 2007.
Besides hosting fierce competitions, AmsterJam has always been highly regarded for that superrrrrRelaxed atmosphere each year.


And..... For your Jam convenience... In 2010 this anual gathering from the World's best freestyle frisbee players was transformed.


  • We're spreading the JAM:

Join AmsterJam every sunday-afternoon and/or once a year during the 'SuperJam'.

  • The format has changed:
AmsterJAM... Dig it? >>> NO more COMPETITION but a JAM!!!

Being a JAM enables everybody to meet and 'team up' with all players around ALL DAY LONG!
Last but not least:

NEW PLAYERS are encouraged to join!!!

  • Just ask: "Can i bust this JAM?"***, the 'bust' is just a figure of speach freestylers are using. If you didn't know this: You just had a freestyle lesson. It's Ea'Z';))
  • When asking, you'll see that most freestylers, are keen to share their knowledge! But,... tip nr2:
  • save your technical questions that demand answers till after the JAM

*** "Can i bust this JAM?": as mentioned in the must see video "Zen and the art of Freestyle Frisbee®"
Another must have are the instruction dvd's from the Pro's:  and on youtube you can find loads of lessons.
Also make sure to check ou the AmsterJAM Youtubepage.